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Browsing through The Tool Box Home Improvement portfolio will give you an idea of what my business has accomplished in the area of kitchen remodeling in Cincinnati, OH in years past. You might even come up with a few new kitchen design ideas of your own.

As a minimum, a kitchen renovation normally involves installation of new counter tops and perhaps a new look in cabinetry as well. I can supply and install both as I have a wide range of designs and materials to choose among. Tile flooring is always a good choice for a kitchen; I install tile flooring quickly and correctly, and it won’t put a big dent in your budget. I can acquire just about any type of tile or tile pattern you would like, or you can purchase your own.

If you want new kitchen flooring installed and have flooring material other than tile in mind, it will never present a problem. I install all types of flooring. I often suggest glass tiles for kitchen walls. There is a multitude of glass tile patterns on the market, giving you a wide range of possibilities.

In a newer home, the first area in which a home improvement project is initiated is often the basement, since in many new homes the basement is often left unfinished or partially finished. In older homes, the kitchen usually tops the list of that part of a house where improvement or renovation is most likely to occur. The fact that so much time is spent in the kitchen no doubt has something to do with it.

Let me hear some of the ideas you have for a kitchen remodel, and I will share a few of mine. Once a decision has been arrived at, we can look at the cost. I give free estimates, so you will have an opportunity to add or subtract ideas before work gets under way. Call me today to arrange an appointment.

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